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Homemade Cheap Sangria for a house full of guests

sangria                      box of Peter Vella Sangria

(don’t laugh)

average brandy


orange juice

apples 2

oranges 2

lemon 1

lime 1

peach 1

Ok- ready for my cheap Sangria that your guests will say- “That’s the best Sangria I ever had.” Ha ha, but true. In a three liter container dice all the fruit and add to container. Add 2 cups of ice. Pour from the box- and fill container three quarters full. Add a healthy splash of orange juice, brandy, and Sprite. (I prefer less Sprite)

There is no proper measurement because you will be filling it all night and will be under pressure with guests salivating for more wine… As long as you go three quarters with the box wine you will be ok.

You will be surprised how far the box goes. I’ve had 20 plus adults in my home and it lasted 3-4 hours. Enjoy and don’t let guests drink if they are driving. Add Strawberries to garnish. This is a pretty light drink, go easy on the Brandy its just for flavor:)

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  1. I’ll try it. sounds good. Let you know how I like it.

  2. DD

    Can I use PV Merlot? Also, will it stay a couple days in fridge?

    • You can but It wont be as sweet as a typical sangria. More of a Sweet Red. Try it, it will be yummy!

      • DD

        Thank you. They did not have it though. 🙁

      • DD

        Hi again! Where do you buy your PV Sangria? in NJ? I called a few places around here and no one has it. Thanks

      • Get the box by Miggys, the wine store, I’m a regular there:)

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