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White Pizza from home

white pizza finished


dough recipe from my web site

ricotta cheese 1/2 cup

olive oil 2 oz.

parmesan cheese 3 oz.

mozzarella shredded cheese 1/2 pound

Italian seasoning 1 teaspoon

Spin your dough ball on a 16 inch pizza screen. (cooking spray on the screen first)

Spread ricotta cheese on raw pizza dough leaving a crust. Sprinkle 2.5 oz. of parmesan cheese over ricotta. Spread mozzarella cheese equally over the pie leaving crust clean. With a pastry brush, spread the olive oil on the crust. Sprinkle the rest of the seasoning over the cheese mixture. Sprinkle the rest of the parmesan cheese around the crust. Cook at 500 degrees and cook till crispy. Get your kids involved… They love to help and learn. Enjoy!

white pizza.pnglula cheese.png

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