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Tailgate Beer Clams

tailgate beer clams

Tailgate Beer Clams- Beer actually tastes great in many foods. We actually used a Budweiser because we did not want to over power the taste of the clams. My brother Justin gets some credit for this recipe.

little neck clams 1-2 dozen (rinsed and scrubbed)

olive oil 2 tablespoon

garlic 1 tablespoon

Budweiser beer 1/2 can

salt and pepper taste

Put a sauté pan on your stove or grill. Scrub and clean the clams well. Add the garlic and clams when the pan is hot. Move the pan so the clams and the garlic are moving… Turn clams over.

Add beer and bring to a boil. Add salt and pepper. No butter needed. When clams open they are done.The combination of the beer, garlic, and clam juice makes this simple and perfect. Eat out of the sauté pan. LOL-Enjoy.

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