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Making Fresh Mozzarella at Home


Fresh Mozzarella Ball

Homemade Fresh Mozzarella Cheese from Home… Unfortunately I did not get taught how to make cheese from my Sicilian Mother or Grandmother. I was working for Executive Chef Joe Felice at his Gourmet Cafe in Parsippany NJ. I was his Executive Chef. We did a huge lunch business with all the Corporate Buildings in the area. This is back 16-17 years ago. The Gourmet Cafe is still in Parsippany, operated by a new owner. Joe sold it to move on to bigger and better things. Anyway we sold great Italian Sandwiches, Paninis, and Salads at lunch time. We were buying the fresh mozzarella from a Pork Store in West Patterson. Joe’s mom Martha would stop there every morning and pick up beautiful fresh cheese just made. Well one day Joe said I have to stop spending $6.99 a pound for this stuff. Joe called a rep from Polly-o Cheese Company and he came to Parsippany one morning and taught us how to make the cheese starting with whole milk curd… The rest is history. I was a natural at it. It looks easy but is very similar to working with dough- you either have it or you don’t. I’m gonna dedicate this page to my Aunt Francis up in Heaven. She always wanted me to teach her how to make it and we ran out of time… Hope your watching Aunt Francis.


Ok first you have to purchase whole milk curd. I don’t know of a place in the Pocono’s (12 years here) that sells it so I took a road trip with my little Lula last week to Corrado’s in Patterson, NJ. Great Market. Best place to buy Cheese. I purchase 5 pounds for $18.00. If I were to purchase by the case its under $2.00 a pound. It retails at $8.99 per pound. I will cut this in half and freeze one half. 2.5 pounds will make 5 small balls. It doesn’t last long in the fridge. You will never taste cheese like this, directly after it comes out of the brine.

whole milk curd 2.5 pounds

salt 15 oz.

cold water 1 gallon

hot water 160 degrees 2 gallons

Ok so fill a pot up with 2 gallons of water (you wont use it all) on medium heat to temperature of 160 degrees. Not boiling. You will need 2 large bowls, whisk, stainless steel long spoon, knife, and cutting board. Cut your Whole Milk Curd into even thin slices. You want it to cook evenly so it must be cut consistently. Example below.

curd sliced

Add it to empty tempered bowl. (we will be adding very hot water not something that will crack)  Now fill your other bowl with 1 gallon of cold water and whisk in all your salt. (I make my Cheese salty, the salt taste fades in the fridge. You can season your cheese as you feel) You do not want salt sitting on the bottom of the bowl so whisk it long and hard. This is your brine, it will shock, set, and season cheese. Add 160 degree water to curd. Let sit for 5 minutes without touching. Make sure all curd is completely covered. Example below.

first part cooking fresh mozzarella

After five minutes empty water out and add 160 degree water one more time. Now its time to make your cheese. Please watch the video below. I hope you give this a try. Enjoy! Jason

Click video link:IMG_0854

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  1. Uncle Klunk

    There s nothing like famous Jay’s fresh mozzarella. You have to have while it is still a little warm…umm. Aunt Francis and Nonna would have loved it!

  2. Uncle Klunk

    There is nothing like famous Jay’s fresh mozzarella. You have to have while it is still a little warm…umm. Aunt Francis and Nonna would have loved it!

  3. Mrs Paz

    I have always wanted toake my own, but like you said, hard to find the curd. Have you ever tried that beautiful Italian store in Milford? The name slips my mind now….
    I live the idea of the salad on top of the pita…do you ever use naan bread? I think it has such a wonderful simple taste and a better texture than pita. We discovered it about a year ago when we first made chicken tikki masala and have gone on to use it in many ways.

    • Yes and I have a wonderful coconut curry sauce recipe.

  4. David Reeves

    This looks delicious. I don’t know if I have the skills to make it though.

  5. Ryan

    Ty can’t wait to find ingredients to make this.

  6. David Reeves

    I remember hearing somewhere that authentic Mozzerella is made with buffalo milk. Have you heard that? Is it true?

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