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Pub Style Fish and Chips


Pub Style Fish and Chips

Dinner for 4

French Fries:

Yellow Potatoes 5 cut into steak fry cuts

Deep fry at 350 degrees till Potatoes are browned and tender. Drain excess oil on a paper towel. Season with Kosher Salt, Pepper, and Parsley.

Fried Cod:

24 oz. fresh cod cut into 2-3 inch sections. Look at picture above.

seasoned salt for taste

creole spice 1 teaspoon

black pepper for taste

eggs 2 beaten

flour 1/2 cup for dredging

Season your Cod with all the seasonings. Dredge in flour, then in egg, and back to flour. Deep Fry till golden brown and fully cooked at 350 degrees. Approximately 5 minutes . Serve with Malt Vinegar. Enjoy Jason


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  1. Chelle

    ive got to say the malt vinegar is something i havent tried…

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