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Today and Tomorrow on Casaculinarian.com



Ok, Casaculinarian.com was not about to waste your time with this Classic Dinner… We are still in Orlando Florida celebrating our Cheer Girls big weekend of bringing hardware back to Bangor, PA.

Our teams did outstanding, and my Jules team took a Champion Jacket and Trophy…

The whole Rebels squad did outstanding. Here’s a look of them outside ESPN Wide World of Sports on Sunday afternoon…


Anyway, we were out celebrating at a victory Party in Epcot, Disney last night, and spent the day there today…

Hamburgers and Hot Dogs were on the Quick and Easy Grill menu for tonight.

Coming tomorrow on Casaculinarian.com

Our last Dinner and Cocktail from Orlando…

Then we move to St. Petersburg for a Friday feast and drinks with Family…

Then back to PA.

Thanks for visiting, Jason.


Published incoming soon....News and Updates

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