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Crab and Clams Cocktail Hour in Florida


clams floridacrab florida

Anyone can make this at home… but its important to boil or steam the Crab in the proper ingredients.

As for the Clams, they must be scrubbed clean. We used our Tailgate Beer Clam Theme since we are in Florida. I do not use the Grill in PA in the Winter…

We just added half a squeezed Lime to this recipe. Link below.

Tailgate Beer Clams

Snow Crab 1 pound

Dungeness Crab 3/4 pound

I separated the legs before boiling since this was an appetizer for multiple people.

Water 15 cups

salt 1 teaspoon

white vinegar 1/8 cup

sugar 1 tablespoon

black peppercorns 1 tablespoons.

lemon 1 cut and squeezed the juice in water. (Since in Florida we substituted Lime Juice.)

Bring large pot to a boil with the ingredients above. When the water boils add Crab. The Crab is already cooked so as soon as a second boil comes take off the stove. Strain.

Serve both dishes with melted butter… Enjoy, Jason!


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