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International Quesadilla’s- Cheeseburger Quesadilla


Bacon Cheeseburger Quesadilla

International Quesadilla’s-

hamburger patty 4 oz. handmade

cheddar/colby shredded mix 1 cup

chopped onions sautéed 2 tablespoons

bacon 3 slices

1 flour wrap

large wrap- deli department 1

sliced pickles 6-8 (pickle chips)

Butter 2 tablespoons

salt and pepper for taste

olive oil 1 teaspoon

BBQ sauce for dipping 2 oz.

ketchup for dipping 2 oz.

Heat Griddle to 300 degrees. Cook Bacon and burger patty first, take off and let rest. Start to sauté onions with a little oil and salt and pepper on one side of the griddle. Butter one side of wrap and place down on the griddle, add cheese, and allow to melt

Smash or Cut burger into quesadilla. Add sautéed onions, and sliced pickles. Fold in half. Cut in four triangles.

Serve with Ketchup and/or BBQ Sauce, Enjoy! Jason.

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