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Casaculinarian.com 2016 St. Patrick’s Day Corned Beef Recipe in the Crock Pot



Ok so tomorrow morning I will set it and forget it… This piece of meat is meant for the Crock Pot, so why work hard? You can enjoy the St. Patrick’s festivities while the Crock Pot does the work. You will need a little prep time in the morning. Recipe is for 4-6 people.

Corned Beef 2 and 3/4 pounds raw

pickling spice 1 tablespoon

Corned Beef seasoning package that comes with meat

water 3 cups

beer 6 oz.

white vinegar 1 tablespoon

salt and pepper for taste

garlic cloves whole and peeled 3

sugar 1 tablespoon

bay leaves 2

peppercorns whole 1 teaspoon

onion 1/2 diced for flavor

an open pickle jar in the fridge- Empty the juice in the Crock Pot, I do this every year for good luck, don’t ask:)

red potatoes 5-7 whole with skin on

head of cabbage small cut into 4 wedges and no core

Add your liquids to the Crock Pot and set on Low for 8 hours. Add your Corned Beef. Season with Salt and Pepper. Add package of seasonings, pickling spice, bay leafs, sugar, peppercorns, onion, and whole garlic. Cover for 2 hours. At the 2 hour mark add your cabbage, and cover for 2 more hours. At the 4 hour mark add your red skin potatoes.  When finished let it sit on warm for 20 minutes. Let rest on plate for 10 minutes before cutting it. Cut against the grain. Serve with Mustard and Irish Soda Bread. Baker Pippi’s Irish Soda Bread link below. Enjoy! Jason

Baker Pippi’s Easy Irish Soda Bread




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