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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Casaculinarian.com



Well it was a great day. We are getting old, so when having cocktails at 3:00 pm means bed a 9:00 pm. We had a lot of fun, and the recipes were awesome. Thanks for following. Check out our Pix for the day!!!






The Corned Beef was perfect. Very hard to cut, it was so tender… My winner of the night was the bangors and mash with onion gravy! It was sensational. I think the sauce was too thick compared to the traditional recipe’s, but who cares- it was Fantastic!!!!

I made fresh Irish Soda Bread with Baker Pippi’s recipe, and she approved. Classic St. Patrick’s Day at Casaculinarian.com

You could find these recipes year-long under the categories St. Patrick Day- these foods should not just be once a year!!!

Thanks for visiting, Jason!

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