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Sweet Bread Pudding


bread pudding

Day old cut pastry (Danish, Croissants, Donuts, Muffins) 8 cups chopped. You can add then to your freezer until you have enough.
 Heavy Cream 1 quart
 Eggs 12
 Sugar 2 cups
 Salt 1 teaspoon
 Vanilla 3 tablespoons
Nutmeg 1 teaspoon
 Cinnamon 2 tablespoons
In a Large bowl mix all ingredients except for pastry into a custard. Break up all pastry into pieces and put in a full aluminum pan sprayed with baking spray…pour custard over pastry. Make sure the pastry absorbs the liquid.
Cook 350 degrees until tender…30-45 minutes. Serve with whipped cream.
I’m pretty sure Baker Pippi stole this one from me, but not positive. Thanks Baker Pippi!
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