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Panko Chicken Breast over Baby Arugula Caprese Salad with Fresh Pesto (no nuts)



Panko Chicken Breast over Baby Arugula Caprese Salad with Fresh Pesto (no nuts)

This was for Baker Pippi’s Birthday… It was awesome….

Serves 4, Salad:

baby arugula 4 cups

plum tomatoes 3 diced no seeds

red onion 1/2 Julienne

fresh mozzarella one 4-5 oz. ball cubed. Homemade recipe link below.

olive oil 1 tablespoon

salt and pepper for taste

Panko Chicken Cutlets:

Panko bread crumbs 2 cups

raw chicken breast four 3 oz.

all-purpose flour 2 cups

eggs 4

milk 2 oz.

salt and pepper taste

vegetable oil 1/2 cup

Let start by rinsing the raw chicken breast and cleaning it. Trim all fat off. I like to cut the chicken into 3 oz. medallion. Then season with salt and pepper and use a tenderizer to pound meat thin. I use plastic wrap so the tenderizer does not get raw chicken on it. Example:

chick scallopini

Next we will bread the cutlets. Add Panko Bread Crumbs to a plate. 2 cups. Add salt and pepper for taste, 1/8 cup parmesan cheese, and 2 tablespoons Italian Seasonings.

 Have a plate for flour, and a plate of 4 eggs mixed with milk. Dredge Chicken in Flour, Egg, and Panko. Plate all pieces of Chicken.

Sauté in Canola Oil till cooked and Crispy. Place on paper towel to drain off oil… 165 degrees.

Pesto, no nuts:

1 Bunch of Basil

4 tablespoons of olive oil

Garlic Bulbs cleaned 3

salt and pepper for taste

parmesan cheese 1/8 cup

Blend all in a food Processor.


Plate your Greens tossed in olive oil on a plate. Slice your Panko Breaded Chicken on top. Drizzle Pesto Sauce on Chicken. Enjoy, Jason!



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