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Pictures of our first Fresh Mozzarella and Pizza Demonstrations 4/8/2016



Last evening, the Casaculinarian.com team (friends and family) put together a mobile Pizza Demonstration. We showed how to make the dough from home and homemade fresh mozzarella cheese. Live!

This event could not of happened without the entire team.

My son Matt stepped up big time and was my Sous Chef. He said that I surprised him with what I can do, and he certainly surprised me. He was backing up all my product, prepping in the kitchen, and even making Pizza at the end of the night… All this while his friends were outside playing… The night does not happen without his help… Thanks Matt. Lots of thanks to the rest of the team as well.

This event can be for Birthday Party’s, Jewelry Party’s, Avon Party’s, Mary Kay Party’s, Pampered Chef Party’s or Handbag Party’s… Bring your event to a whole new level.

Here’s some pix of the night, and we will let you know when our next event is… Thanks, Jason

Matt workingcasa eventevent

Casa JasonGuys

Johnny 2lula 3

matt 2lula friends

casa extrasdemo night


Jason chef



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