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Casaculinarian.com Featured Spring Salad for week 4/11/2016- Classic Wedge Salad


wedge Salad

Casaculinarian.com Featured Spring Salad

Classic Wedge Salad

A great classic salad. Yes the bacon and bleu cheese are not the most healthiest ingredients, but the protein is the egg. So believe it or not, as a meal its still a good choice. As a salad for before dinner, eat a light dinner.

Iceberg lettuce wedge 1/6 head

cooked bacon 1 slice chopped

crumbled bleu cheese 1/8 cup

chopped plum or cherry tomatoes 1/8 cup

diced cucumber 1/4 of the cup

hard boiled egg 1 shredded on large side of cheese grater

bleu cheese dressing 1/8 cup

Place your wedge of Iceberg on a plate or bowl. Top with vegetables, bacon, and grated egg. Finish with bleu cheese dressing.

This is a classic, so enjoy. Jason

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