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Baker Pippi’s Easy Apple Pastries



Baker Pippi’s Easy Apple Pastries

So easy, thanks Baker Pippi.

can apple filling 21 oz.

package of Pillsbury Grand Biscuits 16.3 oz.

sugar for taste

confectionary sugar for taste

egg 1 for egg wash

This is such an easy recipe for dessert from home for anyone. Flour a clean cooking surface. Place each biscuit out, and flour the top. With your hands spread the biscuit flat. With a rolling-pin work it out about 5 inches in diameter. Example below:


Egg wash the outside ring and place a heaping tablespoon of Apple Filling in the middle:


Fold over and fork seal the egg wash…


Trim the edges with a pizza cutter. Refrigerate for 30 minutes to set. Deep Fry at 350 degrees. Brown on both sides. Sprinkle sugar over the top while hot. When ready to serve sprinkle confectionary sugar on top. Thanks Baker Pippi!


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