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Southwestern BBQ Beef Brisket Recipe and Video “Sunday Feast”


Southwestern BBQ Beef Brisket Recipe and Video

Rub- both sides

heavy kosher salt and pepper for taste

granulated garlic 1 teaspoon

seasoned salt 1 teaspoon

creole seasonings 1 tablespoon

olive oil drizzled on it since we are searing it on a Griddle.


1/8 cup chipotle peppers processed fine in a food processor

2 tablespoons jalapeno peppers processed fine in the food processor

cayenne pepper 1/2 teaspoon

lime juice 2 tablespoons

lemon juice 1 tablespoon

water 2 tablespoons

white vinegar 1 tablespoon

cumin 1 teaspoon

garlic chopped 1 tablespoon

liquid smoke 2 oz.

paprika 1 teaspoon

Process peppers and garlic in food processor process fine, add dry seasonings and liquid. Mix again till liquid liquefies. Marinate is made.

BBQ sauce to finish. I took the Brisket out of the marinate for the last half hour, only because of the kids. If you like a kick, leave it in the marinate when you add the BBQ sauce. Side note: Cook on 325 degrees the whole time in the video I said 350 degrees at the end, that was a mistake.

Enjoy, Jason


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