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Casaculinarian.com Featured Soup for the week 4/18/2016- “Chicken with Meatballs and Acini Di Pepe Pasta”



Casaculinarian.com Featured Soup for the week 4/18/2016

“Chicken with Meatballs and Acini Di Pepe Pasta”

Mini Meatballs:

beef 1 pound

onion soup mix 1 package

egg 1

bread crumbs 1/3 cup

salt and pepper taste

Italian seasonings 1 teaspoon

granulated garlic 1 teaspoon

parmesan cheese 1 tablespoon

onion powder 1 teaspoon

Mix meatball mix and roll into bite size balls. Pictures below of mix, rolled meatballs, and cooked meatballs. The onion soup mix will later enhance the soup flavor. Cook meatballs at 350 degrees.

   meatball mix for wedding soup

rolled meatballs for soup

cooked MB

Chicken Soup:

water 12 cups

beef bouillon cube 1

chicken bouillon cube 5

chicken breasts raw cleaned 2

carrots 3 chopped

celery sticks 2 chopped

onion 1/2 chopped

salt and pepper for taste

onion powder 1/4 teaspoon

granulated garlic 1/4 teaspoon

parsley 1 teaspoon

Italian seasonings 1/2 teaspoon

Acini Di Pepe Pasta 1/4 box

In a large Soup pot add 12 cups of water and place on medium heat. When water comes to a boil add chicken breasts, vegetables, bouillon cubes, and seasonings. Let simmer for 30 minutes. Take chicken breasts out and let them rest for 10 minutes before dicing then and placing them back in the pot. Add cooked meatballs. Bring back to a boil. When boiling add pasta and place on low heat for 10 minutes. Serve. Enjoy,



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