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Grilled Filet of Cod in foil with Potatoes and Vegetable Pasta Salad



Grilled Filet of Cod in foil with Potatoes and Vegetable Pasta Salad

I made this for my Daughter tonight, she is into eating fish now that we have fishing a lot…

cod fillet one piece 4-5 oz.

1 whole lemon for juice

fresh parsley a few leaves

fresh oregano a few leaves

fresh basil a few leaves

salt and pepper for taste, not much

granulated garlic 1/4 teaspoon

onion powder 1/4 teaspoon

cooking spray

On a foil sheet spray lightly with cooking spray. Place your washed and dried piece of Cod in the middle of the foil sheet. Add dry seasonings. Cut lemon in half and squeeze all the juice of one lemon on the fish. Now break up the fresh herbs with your hands and sprinkle on top.

Place your outdoor grill on medium heat and let it get hot. Add foil sheet directly to the grill. Close for 5 minutes. Flip Cod over carefully with a rubber spatula and squeeze last half of lemon over new side. Close grill and cook additional 5 minutes. Then open grill and close the foil to allow juices to stay in the foil and steam for 2 minutes. Close the grill. After two minutes are up shut the grill off. It will stay hot and moist in the foil as you prepare your plates. Make sure Cod is cooked to 165 internal degrees. I served it with Vegetable Pasta Salad and Italian Potatoes… Enjoy, Jason.

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