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Jule’s nice and easy Breakfast Burritos



Jule’s nice and easy Breakfast Burritos

Ok so no joke, my daughter hates the food at school, so she woke up early and made the family breakfast burritos… For 2 people

flour tortilla shells 7 inch- 2

eggs 4

milk 1 tablespoon

bacon 4 slices

Mexican Shredded Cheese Blend 6 oz.

Fresh Salsa 2 tablespoons

cooking spray

Beat eggs and milk together. On a hot griddle at 325 degrees cook your bacon strips. Chop bacon and let grease absorb in paper towel. Clean Griddle and spray with cooking spray. Warm both tortilla shells on each side. 20 seconds for each side and take off. Clean griddle again and spray with cooking spray. Place temperature to 300 degrees. Cook mixed eggs well, folding as the cook. Take eggs off.

Time to Build your Burritos, place equal parts of egg, bacon, salsa, and cheese to each warm wrap. Fold over, the sides in. Finish the roll. You are now ready for Jule’s Breakfast Burritos.

Thanks, Jason.


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