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Casaculinarian.com Preview of 2017 Menu Changes

Casaculinarian.com Preview of 2017 Menu Changes


If you didn’t read our Facebook Post at Facebook.com/Casaculinarian we will be taking the Winter off on the “Underground” Food Truck. Our last dates on the Pocono Wine Trial are Hollowine Weekend at Mountain View Vineyards, October 29th and 30th…

Tolino Vineyards, November 5th…

Santa Clause comes in a Helicopter- Tolino Vineyards, December 11th…

Inspired by working and smoking at Alaska Pete’s Road House Grill, I decided to come up with new menu’s for 2017… Anticipated start based on the Weather- April 1st. Casaculinarian LLC has decided to give you a taste of the new menu’s for these dates so you can savor your experience and look forward to April, 2017. Here’s the new menu’s starting Hollowine Weekend at Mountain View Vineyard in Stroudsburg, Pa. and continuing thru our last 2 dates with Tolino Vineyards in November and December…




Thanks Jason- Check out our new stuff before 2017!

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