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November 2017

Casaculinarian.com was a fun ride as I entered the Food Truck business two years ago…

Now today much has changed. I went back to Corporate Food Service and am inspired to continue to share Great Recipes for your Home!

November 2015

Great recipes from home, Casaculinarian.com is my way of sharing some wonderful cooking recipes, thoughts, catering, and personal chef services to inspire the chef in you. Whether it’s a party for 5 or 500 my website can be the go-to place to help you create a show stopping menu and have your guests savor a culinary experience. Mom’s and Dad’s at home can make these wonderful recipes for their kids or to entertain. In addition I will assist you in taking the monotony out of your daily cooking routine and teach you how to plan and create your weekly meals for even the busiest of families.  The concept of Casaculinarian.com is that you can be a Chef in your home with a little help from a great recipe. Find Cooking recipes for free using the Categories section. I will post wonderful gourmet meals, different ethnicity’s, classic home-style dishes, and all of my favorites. Recipes, Appetizers, Meals, Pizza, and Dessert also… Enjoy!


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  1. jodi

    I love the recipes!!! Keep them coming. Especially the fast busy night recipes if you have children. Thank You.

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