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Category: Appetizers

Eggplant Coponata


This dish is great Vegan treat. Typically I would serve it with Antipasto and have some crostini to spread it on. Enjoy it your way. I do not use pine nuts because my youngest daughter has peanut and tree nut allergies. Our home is nut free.

eggplant 2 large and diced (look at picture above for size)

onion 1 diced

celery 4 sticks chopped

olives black sliced 1/2 cup

Spanish olives whole 1/2 cup

diced tomatoes canned 27 oz.

capers 2 tablespoons (rinse)

salt and pepper taste

red vinegar 1/4 cup

olive oil 4 tablespoons

garlic chopped 1 tablespoon

sugar 2 tablespoons

fresh basil chopped 2 tablespoons

fresh parsley chopped 2 tablespoons

granulated garlic 1/2 teaspoon

onion powder 1 teaspoon

Butter 2 tablespoons

In a sauce pan or large sauté pan add olive oil over medium heat. When hot add eggplant, celery, onion, garlic, granulated garlic, onion powder, salt, and pepper. Brown off all vegetables. Add butter. Let butter cook down and add red wine vinegar to deglaze. Simmer vinegar down 10 minutes. Stirring the vegetables. Add can of diced tomatoes, olives, and capers. Add sugar. Turn heat to low and simmer 35 minutes. Shut heat off and stir in basil and parsley. Enjoy!

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Lobster Egg Rolls

Lobster Rolls

egg roll wrappers (produce isle)

egg 1

lobster 1

slaw mix 1 package

bok choy 1 head

salt and pepper taste

soy sauce 2 tablespoons

scallion 2

cognac 2 tablespoons

butter 2 table spoons

sesame oil 1 tablespoon

Boil the Lobster. Let cool and set aside. Chop your bok choy and scallion fine. (Julienne) In a large sauté pan  add sesame oil over medium heat add butter, slaw mix, bok choy, and scallion. Deglaze with cognac. Add soy sauce and cook down till cabbage is tender. Break your Lobster down and cut all meat into chunks and mix. Set aside.

You will need a pastry brush for this part. Clean a work space and lay out 8-10 of your egg roll wrappers. Crack egg and mix, with the pastry brush coat egg roll wrappers. Add another layer on top of each. With your pastry brush coat second layer around all edges.

Your mixture should be cool now. Drain any liquid. Take a generous portion of mixture and fill middle of 8-10 wrappers. Fold bottom side partially. Now take right and left side and close partially, then roll to form your Lobster roll. (Like making a wrap sandwich)

Deep fry until golden brown and serve with Duck Sauce. Enjoy!!!


Grilled Buffalo Wings



raw chicken wings any size pack you wish

Franks Red Hot Sauce 6 oz.

butter 4 tablespoons

salt and pepper taste

onion powder 1 teaspoon

granulated garlic 1 teaspoon

thyme 1/2 teaspoon

McCormick Montreal Chicken Seasoning 1 teaspoon

This recipe really cuts the calories from Deep Frying. Cut chicken wings into two parts. Discard of the wing tip. Wash and dry. I use paper towels on both sides. In a mixing bowl add all your seasonings and coat all the chicken wings equally. Let sit for 30 minutes.

While we are waiting we can heat our Franks Red Hot Sauce and add butter. Mix well until the butter is melted and whisked in. This amount is good for about 12-16 wings. Keep Warm.

Time to cook the wings on the grill. With the grill on low, grill all wings till the skin gets crispy but does not burn. This is a slow process and can take up to 40 minutes. Of course you can deep fry, or bake them as well. I find with the grill you can get close to the same crispiness as the deep fryer.

Add wings to pot with the buffalo sauce. Coat well. Enjoy!

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Pork Dim Sum

Pork Dim Sum


wonton wrappers 1 pack (produce aisle)

egg 2

ground pork 3/4 pound

soy sauce 1 tablespoon

scallion 2

fresh garlic 1 teaspoon chopped

panko bread crumbs 1/8 cup

salt and pepper taste

onion powder 1 teaspoon

Ok, so let’s get started with the wonton wrappers. You will need 1 beaten egg and a pastry brush. Also, a clean working area. Take half the wonton wrappers and lay them out across a work area. Brush each wrapper with egg mixture. Now take the other half of wonton wrappers and lay on top of each egged wrapper. They should be  uniform, one on top of the other. Now, take egg mixture and lightly wet 2 sides meeting in a corner. This is so when you fold the wrapper corner to corner it seals.

Now, we will prepare meat mixture. In a mixing bowl add pork chop meat, 1 egg, soy sauce, bread crumbs, garlic, seasoning, and chopped scallion. Use mostly the white part of 2 scallions and leave the green part to garnish later. Now, gently drop a ball roughly the size of a quarter of meat mixture into the middle of the wonton wrapper. Fold wrapper over and seal. Now take a fork and bind your seal with fork marks. Trim clean with pizza cutter.

Steam or boil your Dim Sum in salted water. Strain and rinse with cold water. Lightly drizzle olive oil and toss in a bowl so they do not stick.

Now time to sear the Dim Sum. Heat a saute pan nice and hot with a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Sear each side of Dim Sum leaving nice marks. Serve with 1/4 cup of Soy Sauce garnished with your green onions for dipping sauce. Enjoy!