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Tag: all purpose flour pizza dough

Pizza Dough for Home

pizza dough


all purpose flour 3 cups and possibly up to 1 cup more

salt teaspoon

fast rising yeast 1 package 1/4 oz.

olive oil 2 tablespoons

warm water 1 cup

white sugar 1 tablespoon

In a Kitchen Aide using the hook, add flour, salt, and sugar. Make a small indention in mixture for the yeast package. Add the yeast in the area designated for it. Add olive oil to the side of bowl so it does not touch the yeast. Do the same with the water. Put mixer on slow until dough ball is formed. Use rubber spatula and add 1 tablespoon of flour at time if dough is wet. Dough is finished when in tact on hook. Remove and put in glass bowl with a drizzle of olive oil around the entire ball. Cover with plastic wrap. Let proof for 2 hours. You can use after 1 hour but I find 2 hours is best. I also like to refrigerate for one hour after proofing. It will be easier to work with.

On a clean large surface sprinkle flour. Knead dough and toss or use a rolling pin. This will make a thin crust 16 inch pie. Enjoy!

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