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Tag: Chianti

Casaculinarian.com Featured Friday Cocktail for week 5/2/2016 “Italian Chianti”



Casaculinarian.com Featured Friday Cocktail for week 5/2/2016 “Italian Chianti”

Funny story. Before I moved to East Stroudsburg, PA. I lived in Lodi, NJ. The small town my Mother and family moved to from NYC after taking the boat from Sicily. Well my Grandparents had 6 kids. I believe 3 were born in Sicily. My Mom one of them… As they settled into New Jersey, the family continued to grow. We had lots of cousins and went to Sunday Dinner at Grandma’s every Sunday. That’s where Casaculinarian.com “Sundays Feast” comes from. When I was a teenager there was like 20 of us.¬†Our Second generation Bevacqua’s have had many kids, and now the younger third generation is having kids. So there’s like 900 of us… LOL

Anyway, I lived in Lodi for a few years before I moved to PA. Was lucky enough to have my son Baptized in the same Church my Dad was. Same Church we put my Great Old Man to rest a few years ago. We frequently visited Visitini’s Brothers in Lodi. A Great Italian Market with fresh meats, pasta, grocery’s, and wine. Sad to here after all these years it was for sale. Anyway, this place was so great even Joe DiMaggio visited…

Well one day many moons ago I went into the store for veal cutlets, they had the best around. I saw this bottle of Chianti, Placido- Imported from Italy. 1.5 Liter only $5.99. Well Dad and I stocked up… They must have had a connection, before it came to the States. Anyway this is tonight’s Friday Cocktail. Placido Chianti, in PA, $14.99 for 1.5 Liters… The Times have changed. Cheers in Heaven, Dad!

Enjoy, Jason.