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Tag: Friday Cocktails

Casaculinarian.com Featured Friday Cocktail for week 5/2/2016 “Italian Chianti”



Casaculinarian.com Featured Friday Cocktail for week 5/2/2016 “Italian Chianti”

Funny story. Before I moved to East Stroudsburg, PA. I lived in Lodi, NJ. The small town my Mother and family moved to from NYC after taking the boat from Sicily. Well my Grandparents had 6 kids. I believe 3 were born in Sicily. My Mom one of them… As they settled into New Jersey, the family continued to grow. We had lots of cousins and went to Sunday Dinner at Grandma’s every Sunday. That’s where Casaculinarian.com “Sundays Feast” comes from. When I was a teenager there was like 20 of us. Our Second generation Bevacqua’s have had many kids, and now the younger third generation is having kids. So there’s like 900 of us… LOL

Anyway, I lived in Lodi for a few years before I moved to PA. Was lucky enough to have my son Baptized in the same Church my Dad was. Same Church we put my Great Old Man to rest a few years ago. We frequently visited Visitini’s Brothers in Lodi. A Great Italian Market with fresh meats, pasta, grocery’s, and wine. Sad to here after all these years it was for sale. Anyway, this place was so great even Joe DiMaggio visited…

Well one day many moons ago I went into the store for veal cutlets, they had the best around. I saw this bottle of Chianti, Placido- Imported from Italy. 1.5 Liter only $5.99. Well Dad and I stocked up… They must have had a connection, before it came to the States. Anyway this is tonight’s Friday Cocktail. Placido Chianti, in PA, $14.99 for 1.5 Liters… The Times have changed. Cheers in Heaven, Dad!

Enjoy, Jason.

Casaculinarian.com Friday Featured Cocktail for week 4/25/2016 “The Greyhound”



Casaculinarian.com Friday Featured Cocktail for week 4/25/2016

“The Greyhound”

Friday Cocktails are not Casaculinarian.com recipes. They are recipes we found on the Web and have enjoyed. So we simply pass good cocktail recipes over to you. You must be 21 years old to consume alcohol, and please do not drink and drive…

  • Ice cubes
  • 2 ounces vodka
  • 4 ounces freshly squeezed grapefruit juice (from about 2 medium grapefruits)
  • 1 teaspoon simple syrup (optional)

Simple, refreshing mix of vodka and freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.

Enjoy, Jason

Casaculinarian.com featured Friday Cocktail for week 4/18/2016 “Cheap Sangria”



Casaculinarian.com featured Friday Cocktail for week 4/18/2016

“Cheap Sangria”

  Box of Peter Vella Sangria

(don’t laugh)

average brandy


orange juice

apples 2

oranges 2

lemon 1

lime 1

peach 1

Ok- ready for my cheap Sangria that your guests will say- “That’s the best Sangria I ever had.” Ha ha, but true. In a three liter container dice all the fruit and add to container. Add 2 cups of ice. Pour from the box- and fill container three quarters full. Add a healthy splash of orange juice, brandy, and Sprite. (I prefer less Sprite)

There is no proper measurement because you will be filling it all night and will be under pressure with guests salivating for more wine… As long as you go three quarters with the box wine you will be ok.

You will be surprised how far the box goes. I’ve had 20 plus adults in my home and it lasted 3-4 hours. Enjoy and don’t let guests drink if they are driving. Add Strawberries to garnish. This is a pretty light drink, go easy on the Brandy its just for flavor:)

Casaculinarian.com Friday Featured Cocktail for week 4/11/2016 “Gentleman Jack Whiskey Sling”



“Gentleman Jack Whiskey Sling”

60 degree in the Pocono’s and enjoyed a few of these on the deck with the fire pit going… Casaculinarian.com does not make these recipes, My wife and I find recipes on the web and if we like them we share them… This was a keeper

2 oz. Gentleman Jack

.5 oz. Lemon Juice
.75 oz. Simple Syrup
2 dashes Orange Bitters
Makes one cocktail and serve on the Rocks!! Garnish with Lemon Peel. This recipe is for Adults over the age of 21, Drink responsible.
Enjoy Jason

Friday’s Featured Cocktail on Casaculinarian.com for Week 4/4/2016


cold beer

Well we haven’t done this one yet on Casaculinarian.com since we started Friday Cocktails!!!

Yep! tomorrow is a special event at the Elk’s Lodge in Hackettstown NJ.

We will be making homemade fresh Mozzarella Cheese, and eating it with yummy Tomatoes, Crustini’s, and Oils…

Then be making Homemade Pizza with that Sooooo Freshhhhh Cheese.

So what will be better than a cold beer?

Even if your home and make our featured appetizer, Boneless Buffalo Chicken Wing’s what better thank a Cold Beer.

So this week we will not tell you what Beer to Drink, but enjoy your favorite…

Cash Bar tomorrow…

Here’s the link…

“One Day Away!” Casaculinarian.com Upcoming Event. April 8, 2016 in Hackettstown, NJ.


Friday Cocktail for 3/18/2016 Peach on the Beach



It was a long Wednesday and Thursday (St. Patrick’s Day) at Casaculinarian.com

So we found this product in the store and let it do the work for us…

Peach on the Beach

8 hours in the Freezer than you run it under warm water and break it up. Pour it in the glass and garnish with a Maraschino Cherry…


A little on the sweet side.

Our feature appetizer that we paired it with was sautéed Swiss Chard. Coming up next…

Thanks, Jason.

This weeks Friday Cocktail and paired Appetizer


This Weeks Friday Cocktail is Limoncello. Usually an after Dinner Drink, but it can be sipped as a Cocktails on Rocks or mixed with Lemon-Lime Soda on the Rocks as a Spritzer…


Staying with the Italian mood, I will pair it with a great simple little Appetizer. Pizza Pizzets. See link.

Pizza- Pizzets

Simple, yet unique… Enjoy!!! Jason

pizzetts 4pizzetts 7


Friday Feature Cocktail 2/26/2016


t sunrise

Friday, Friday, Friday!!! Almost here… 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7:00 PM Friday is almost here. Casaculinarian.com will be featuring the Classic Tequila Sunrise with fresh Florida Orange Juice… What will we pair it with tomorrow? Come back tomorrow to see the paired Appetizer…

Remember that Casaculinarian.com does not make the Friday Cocktail recipes. Only samples them from the Web. If we like them we share them. Do not Drink and Drive.

Number of Servings

  • 1.5  oz.

    Don Julio® Reposado Tequila

  • 0.5  oz.


  • 3  oz.

    orange juice

Garnish with Cherry and Fresh Orange.
Enjoy, Jason.

Florida Cocktails Classic Margarita on the Rocks



Classic Margarita on the Rocks!!! We will pair this later with a Teriyaki Lime Marinated Shrimp Appetizer!!! Remember we do not make the Cocktail Recipes, we get them off the Web. If we enjoy them we share them!!!

Pour ingredients in a Shaker and serve in a Margarita glass over ice. Enjoy, Jason.

1 lime wedge Coarse salt
3/4 cup ice cubes 1/4 cup tequila
1/4 cup orange liqueur 1/4 cup lime juice

Friday, Friday, Friday… Cocktail’s on Casaculinarian.com


jack rose

A Classic for tomorrow… The Jack Rose. We will pair this Cocktail with our Classic Potato Skins.

Remember Friday Cocktails are not Casaculinarian.com Recipes, just great Cocktails we found on the Web and have enjoyed!!! Drink responsibly.

Irish whiskey 1 oz.

Calvados .5 oz.

lime juice .5 oz.

grenadine .5 oz.

Pour ingredients over ice in a Shaker and then pour in a Cocktail Glass. Garnish with fresh lime. This recipe is for 1 Cocktail.

Serve Casaculinarian.com Classic Potato Skins with this Classic Cocktail. Link Below…

Classic Potato Skins

Thank’s Jason!

potato skins 2