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Tag: Spinge Italian Doughnuts

Spinge Italian Doughnuts


Traditionally this is your dessert at all Pizzeria’s

My family called it “Spinge” my Sicilian side. Many also call it Zeppoli. This recipe is made typically with Pizza Dough. At least that’s how I learned back when I was 12 years old working at Pizza Town USA.

Pizza dough recipe from Casaculinarian.com

all purpose flour 3 cups (possibly more)

salt teaspoon

fast rising yeast 1 package

olive oil 2 tablespoons

warm water 1 cup (possibly more)

white sugar 1 tablespoon

In a Kitchen Aide using the dough hook add flour, salt, and sugar. Designate a hole in the middle of this mixture and add yeast package. Add olive oil and water to side of bowl and mix till dough ball is formed. For more instruction please go to my recipe page for Pizza Dough.

Let the dough proof out even a bit longer than if you were making a pizza. You will need a bench scrapper or knife and a deep fryer. Flour a surface lightly and put dough on top. Make small cuts to make your two bite doughnuts. Fry in deep fryer on 350 degrees until golden. Add to a paper bag and sprinkle confectionary sugar in the bag. Close the bag and shake it up!!! Feel like your on the board walk, Enjoy!

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